Children’s Choice Therapy Service Ltd are specialist Occupational Therapists (including sensory integration accredited therapists), who provide independent services to special and main stream schools, health and social care as well as charities and individuals.

We work across the community, in homes, schools and clinics and now within our own specialist centre providing assessment, treatment and training.

The centre includes training facilities, opportunity for group work, specialist Occupational Therapy, and a full Sensory Integration based Occupational Therapy treatment room (built in association with ‘Spacekraft’ – sensory equipment providers). This provides the opportunity for more complex assessments and interventions and to train and work alongside carers and parents to help embed treatment principles in to daily life to impact the child’s / young person’s everyday tasks.

Programmes are different for every child or young person. We use fun games, activities, crafts and learning tools, appropriate to the individual, to achieve the best outcomes. Each programme is underpinned by theoretical and researched knowledge. Programmes rarely use one approach but instead pull together a mix of skills and practices to achieve chosen goals (eg; sensory, motor, behavioural, neurodevelopmental, compensatory etc).

School Holiday Sensory Play Sessions

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