G. Tripp

It’s hard to know where to start! The facilities at Children’s Choice are incredible and my daughter enjoys every minute of her time in the gym. Being offered a hot drink the moment you step through the door is just the first sign of the welcoming and caring approach at Children’s Choice.

The OT’s work is second to none. Her thoughtful, creative solutions for our daughter were foreign to my husband and I, but adapting these into our daily lives has been the most impactful work we have done. The OT is always looking for ways to address issues that arise and always seems to have alternative strategies to consider. The OT is more than just a great therapist, she is always available when we have questions, challenging situations arise or just someone to listen to, her passion and love of her job are clear to see!

The assessment, information and advice have transformed not only our daughter’s daily life, school life and our family life too. We can’t thank the OT enough, her approach, skills and insight have been utterly invaluable to us as a family.

  • September 9, 2018

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