M. Barlow

After seeking educational support for our 10 year old son from a variety of places over the years, we hadn’t ever met anyone who understood the devastating impact of his complex SEN. As a child that masks his difficulties well in school, they always reported he was ‘fine’ and meeting all academic targets. (I’m sure this is a familiar experience for many). After a day at school, his behaviour told a different story; he was emotional, exhausted and often impossible to parent. Support in school was difficult to access;  they didn’t “see” his difficulties. Our last attempt to secure help was to have him assessed by an Occupational Therapist trained in Sensory Integration.

The experience with Children’s Choice Therapy has been exceptional from start to finish; we couldn’t have asked for anything more. I had many questions that the OT answered in terms that a parent could understand. The OT was friendly, fun and engaged our son from start to finish-she had endless patience with him.  The OTs commitment to assessing and helping our son has been outstanding. She has gone above and beyond at every single stage and nothing has been too much trouble. The written report was equally thorough, specified and  quantified, revealing many difficulties others had failed to identify in years of assessments. We are confident now we can finally access the support that is so desperately needed for our son to have a positive experience within the education system.
  • September 9, 2018

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